Monday, August 16, 2010

Rafting the Dechutes with 20+ youth

Our raft going down Box Car rapid
( Can you find us?)

Friday night Michael and I and our two oldest got back from a 3 day, 2 night raft trip on the Dechutes River. We left early Wednesday morning and put in at Trout Creek near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. We rafted a few hours until we came to our first camp site. We got there a bit early, around  2:00 pm and had lots of daylight left to explore the campsite, how water wars, swim in the river, set up camp and have endless fun.

You should have seen the gear boat that our teaching pastor took all by himself down the river. It was so loaded with tents, food, backpacks, stoves, and everything else we needed to live for the three days away from home. I wish I had a picture of his boat. It was truly a site to be seen.

Like I mentioned before we had 20 something junior high and high school kids. There were four pastors on this trip and another male adult and two women. These kids were so well behaved and worked their hineys off when it came time to set up and tear down camp. They also did most of the work when it came time for our meals. All us women had to do was stand around and direct orders. There was no complaining!!

Day 2! After breaking camp and loading everything back in the gear boat on Thursday we headed down the river and had many hours of hot sun, water gun fights with the boats, white water rapids and swimming. We stopped off at a huge rock mid way down to do some rock jumping. The brave kids and adults which included my daughter and husband jumped off of a huge cliff into a pool of deep water.  many of the others took the safer route and jumped off smaller rocks. It was so amazing to watch. However, I didn't participate. I am so nervous about injuring myself and putting myself into unwanted pain. I just watched and tried not to freak out.

That night we found another great camping spot. This time with shade. It was right along the train tracks and we had the pleasure of watching and listening to the train several times that night. The sun went over the large rock like cliffs early and we had relief from the 90+ degree weather. That evening the kids all sat upon the boats singing, talking and laughing. We had delicious smoked pulled pork that one of the leaders made and lots of fruit. Just before bed my daughter gave a little talk on her time in Argentina. Most of  the leaders were eager to go to bed early and get some much needed rest. The kids stayed up a bit later watching shooting stars. Day two is over!!

By day three we were a bit sunburned, and a little tired. But... we still had lots of desire to hit the big three class rapids that would be coming up. The big gear boat that our pastor was guiding was dropped off at one of the launch sites  several miles from Maupin. He was glad to ditch the boat and took over the boat that Michael had been guiding. He has had a bit more experience on the river, especially the big rapids that were coming up  and Michael was happy to get the break. That afternoon we hit two big rapids- Wapanitia and Box Car. These were incredible rapids. There were photographers perched on the rocky shore to take pictures of the people going down. These are the only pictures we have of the whole trip.

Around two that afternoon we reached Maupin City Park, our destination. What a high we were all on, but definitely a  tired and ready for a heatly meal and a good night sleep in our own beds. I praise God that the trip went well and there were no catastrophes, a  few scratches and sunburns but nothing severe. I was so glad that I went and can't wait to do it again!!

                                   The other three boats !!


raelyn:)) said...

I loved it! It was SUCH and incredible experience!!!

Amanda Perko said...

Oh how fun! I'm a bit envious, I've always wanted to do an overnight river trip but I suppose my day will come. Sounds like you had fun and I'm so impressed you went with all of those teens!! Lovely!

We have to catch up sometime, do this homeschool thing together. :)

Deb said...

of the last 3 pictures, picture one and picture three are the same. Is there another one? Lyssa looks so tiny on that boat. It's a good thing she's tough. -Deb


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