Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Portland's Pushiest Pug

I saw the silliest thing on the news tonight; a pug named Jenny pushing an umbrella stroller around Portland. Apparently the owner of this pug made this video for their son who is away from home. They were hoping the video of his dog and familiar places of Portland would remind him of home. Over night this video has gotten lots and lots of hits.

The you tube video is below. Make sure you pause my play list. Sit back, relax and enjoy this video that is put to soothing music.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Keep Natalie in your prayers!

Here is a prayer request.

Many of you may remember reading about my dear sweet niece who was born premature with multiple heart problems. You can read Natalie's story on a previous blog.

Below is an email that my grandmother sent out to friends and family asking for prayer. I decided that what she wrote couldn't be said better and have decided to paste it into my blog. Kimmie and Jeremy (Natalie's mom and dad) recently have received word that Natalie needs to have this surgery soon. The surgery date is scheduled for August 18th up in Portland, Oregon. Thank you for praying for my sweet niece. I just know that God has great plans for this little girl and He does indeed hear all of our prayers.

Jeremy, Kimmie, Isabella and Natalie


We never cease to need the Lord, and to know that He answers prayers according to His will. I've enclosed a number of pictures of our little two year Natalie Borg. One was taken soon after she was born in March 2007.
She was a premature baby, who was ambulanced first from the Silverton Hospital where she was rushed at birth, then to the Salem Hospital, and soon to the Children's Hospital in Portland. It was there that she had two major heart surgeries and corrections within the first 2 weeks of her life. Other pictures were taken on her first birthday, as well as her 2nd birthday this year.

These pictures were taken around "tulip time" here in the Willamette Valley. She is a vivacious, smiling happy, little girl who will warm your heart when you meet her. Isabella is less than a year older, and they are very close as sister. Natalie greatly resembles Kimberly, her mother, with the light red hair. They are "look-alikes", and both were premature babies !

But we knew that eventually Natalie would have to have more heart surgery. It seems that such an occurrence could be soon. Natalie had her heart check-up this week by the cardiologist from Portland, and it appears to be quite enlarged, with the blood not flowing like it should. I am NOT medical, however, so I can't give you the particulars. Her heart is pumping blood much too hard. she plays hard, but tires easily. the doctors will be having a panel discussion about Natalie's case on Thursday, July 23. It will be decided soon after that, and appears fairly certain that she will have another heart surgery.

Please pray for her and for God's will in the decision. Thanks Always, Sue


Leave a comment if you are praying for Natalie. Kimmie and Jeremy will be so blessed to know that people are praying!!!

A little behind in blogging!

This summer is flying by way too fast!! My days are filled with child care, piano lessons, running the kids everywhere and much, much more. I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blog and all the posts that I need to post!

I wonder if I will ever get a chance to get our Hawaii trip documented. It now seems like a distant memory. Shucks!! I kinda wish I was there right now!

With the kids all home, one computer to six people isn't enough. Each child wants to do their own thing on the computer so I naturally don't get my computer time. With these busy summer days I just fall into bed exhausted. There is not much energy left to write, place pictures and all the other stuff that comes with blogging.

We just got back from my cousin's wedding on Whidbey Island in Washington. It was a very fast trip up to the Seattle area. We had the pleasure of visiting one of Michael's long time childhood friends and his family. It was nice to see family and celebrate this wedding, but the many hours in the car with tired, cranky children really wore me out. I am so glad to be home. Maybe I will find some time to post the beautiful pictures that were taken on this last trip and maybe I will finish another part to our Hawaii vacation.

For now- I have too much laundry and cleaning to do to stay on this computer any longer. I also have one of the kids begging to get on Webkins. I sort of wish this site did not exist! Emma could easily spend many hours playing with her pets on this site. Webkins is to Emma is like blogging is to Kristin!!!!

Stay cool in this HOT weather, and have a beautiful day!

In Him,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joshua is Baptized!!

This last Sunday, July 19th, Joshua was baptized by his daddy.

A few months ago, Joshua asked Jesus to come into his life. Even though he is still very young, I know that he understands that Jesus loves him so much and died on the cross for him and took his sins away so he could go to heaven someday. It is as simple as that! Josh has that simple faith of a child. He doesn't have to analyze everything or even have it all figured out in his head to make this important decision. He simply BELIEVES!!

Matthew 18:1-5 says-

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, verily I say unto you, except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever shall receive one such little child in my name receives me.

Joshua remembered his older siblings getting baptized a couple of years ago. He wanted to do the same. He totally understood why he was getting baptized. He wanted to show people that he loves Jesus and that he gave his life to Him. This blessed mine and Michael's heart greatly. It gives us great joy that all four of our children have a heart to follow Christ. They know that they belong to Him and want to live their life for Him.

So, on Sunday, Josh was baptized by Michael at our annual church baptism and picnic at the pond. Over 30 people were baptized. Many of them were family groups. It was a very exciting and emotional time. Both sets of grandparents came for the baptism.

It is truly a day that we will always remember and celebrate!!

In this picture Papa Kuhlman is talking to Josh about baptism!

Here are some other pictures of the day at the baptism and picnic.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hawaii Trip - Part 1 "Our Transportation"

I am finally caught up with all my posts and can now start posting pictures of our Oahu trip. For some reason, I feel the need to do everything in chronological order. Who knows how long my journals of this trip will be because I will probably spared no deals! It may end up being several parts.

So, here it goes!

We left for Hawaii Wednesday, June, 23. We flew out of the Medford Airport at 6:00 in the morning to catch our Alaskan Airlines flight out of Seattle.
This was my first time flying since 9/11 and all went smooth. Michael and I tried to pack light so we could fit everything in our carry ons. This was easier said than done. I realized later that the carry on luggage I bought from Wal Mart, for $20, was much smaller than everyone else's. This means I could have brought more! I really wished I had taken a picture of how much stuff I fit into a small carry on suitcase. I, now can claim the "master packer" title.

Once we boarded the airplane in Seattle, I realized that this long awaited "honeymoon" was finally here.

Michael lovingly gave me the window seat and I was mesmerized by the beauty of the Puget Sound and the view of Seattle and surrounding area. It didn't take long before all we saw was ocean and boredom set in. Yes, I did bring plenty of books to read, music to listen to, but I didn't feel like doing any of it. Maybe because I was too excited. Really, all I wanted to do was sleep, but the wonderful seats my husband picked out for us were the ones that didn't recline. GREAT!! There will be no kick back and relax on this trip. Michael wasted no time in snoozing off. I couldn't figure out how he could go to sleep so quick and in such an upright position, so I took up people watching without the people knowing that I was watching them.

People, they sure are interesting. You know how you tell your kids to not stare because it is impolite? Well, I guess I needed that reminder myself on this long flight. I ended up taking care of my boredom by watching the family that occupied the same row as us. You sure can learn a lot about people by just watching them. They were a very interesting family. I wonder what people think of us?

The other problem I had on this flight was the bathroom issue. I am a rather shy person Since I had the window seat, it was much harder to just get up and go to the bathroom. You have to bother, not only your sleeping husband, who seems to be dead to the world, but also the other man on the isle seat who is grossly involved in his work or something. I was NOT about to interrupt them. So I was hoping desperately that one of them would have to go potty soon. I waited, and waited and yes, waited some more. The funny thing is, just when I was in desperate need to go and decided to interrupt the sleeper and worker, the seat belt sign came on due to turbulence. Then after the sign went off the airplane attendants decided to do their snack and beverage trip. Stuck!! I was stuck to see just how good my bladder really was. Long story short, I made it!!!

I bet your wondering when this flight talk will be over and the Hawaii part will begin. Well, we've landed!!! Yeah!!! I was more than happy to step on land and be done with flying.

We landed in Honolulu around noon. The time difference there is 3 hours ahead of Oregon. Since we were smart and took just carry on bags we were out the door and ready to pick up our cute, little, economy car for the week. I wonder what it will be?

The car rental was part of the package. We ended up with a cute Ford Focus The car rental was part of the package deal that Marriott was giving us.

I guess they usually run $80 a day, but all we had to pay was a $45 fee. We had the option to upgrade it to a jeep or a convertible for only $13 more a day, but we were trying to do this Oahu trip on a major budget. The Ford Focus suited our needs just fine. If you ask Michael, he would say that he kind of regrets not doing the convertible. I just keep reminding him of the possible rain showers, bugs and the heat.

So, off we drive to go find our paradise beach resort. This was easier said than done. Michael is driving. I am suppose to be navigating him but the problem with that is, I am NOT good with maps. This is one gene I didn't inherit from my mother. I know she is cringing right now of the thought of me trying to get Michael around Honolulu and to Ko Olina Beach Resort. I tried my best to get us there, but Hawaiian words all look the same to me and I can't pronounce them at all. OK, honestly, that wasn't my biggest problem. You see, I am just so excited to be there and I'm taking it ALL in. I am not concentrating on the map at all. Phooey on the map, let's just be carefree and see where the road takes us.

As you can imagine, Michael, who is type A all the way, is rather frustrated with his "fly by the seat of her pants" wife.

The good news- We made it!!! And, we are still together!

To be continued....

Part 2 - "Our Beautiful Hotel Accommodations"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hiking and Camping @ Silver Falls *************June 2009*************

Michael booked this sweet little cabin in the Silver Falls campground so that we could have a nice, memorable time with the kids before we took off to Hawaii. I wasn't too thrilled at first about packing for a "sort of" camping trip and a Hawaiian trip at the same time. It just seemed like a lot of work for one night. It was....but, I have to say, that it was tons of fun and I can't wait to go back. Yes, I even loved the cabin. I (who grew up going camping many times in a summer) was very comfortable in this little cabin.

The three older kids slept in a tent and Michael, Josh and I slept in the cabin. I think it is a perfect way to camp, however, I can't wait to do it the old fashion way.

We also hiked one of the easier hikes at Silver Falls State Park, South Falls. It was short and sweet, but just what the kids needed that day. Someday I would love to do the whole loop. I hear it is just beautiful and you'll get a lot of exercise!

If you would like more info on Silver Falls check out these great websites: Oregon.com, Oregonstateparks.org and Salemoregon.com.

Like I said in my earlier blog, my family from Aumsville, which is just 25 min. away came to help me celebrate my birthday. My mom brought all the fixings for hot dogs and some yummy sides and a cake.

I really enjoyed having all my family around me.


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