Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tahoe Bound!!

I am writing this from Grants Pass. We left Friday to take the kids to Papa and Nana's house for a week while Michael and I get some much needed rest and relaxation with each other. We leave today for Reno and will spend three nights at Circus Circus. We went there last year with the kids on our way home from Tahoe. There is so much to see and do around Reno besides gambling! Then we will head to Tahoe for three days and enjoy the beauty that it has to offer. We have never been away from the kids this long and I hope we can just enjoy one another. What will we talk about besides the kids? I hope to have lots of pictures for you all to view.

I am signing off and will not think about blogging for a week! Yeah, right!! No computers and cell phones turned off. It is funny to think that that was how it was just 10 to 15 years ago.

I will be back in a week!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Real Question?

Karyn this post is for you!

Karyn's comment on the last blog about my interview was...."The real question is what are you going to wear!!"

Here is what I wore. If you saw me at church Sunday then now you know my interviewing outfit! I wore black slacks and black tank under a light turquoise shirt that I left open. I definitely shaved my legs not forgetting to shave my big toe and my toe nails looked great just in case they looked at my feet. I left my hair down and wore just enough make-up to make the statement that I care about my appearance but not too much so as not to distract them from hearing my answers. Over all I think I looked professional but still bright and cheery like a preschool teacher should look!

Any other questions?

My Interview!!

Thank you for praying for me and the interview that I had this morning at Central Christian. I had my interview at 8:00 this morning and it lasted until 9:30. I started my morning by leaving the house at 6:30 and went to Starbucks to review and pray for the interview.

I have to say that it went very well. I felt that I had clarity of thought and answered the questions well. I left feeling like I had done all that I could in preparing for this interview. I feel a great peace that God will direct Central Christian in finding the right person for the preschool position and guide me where He wants me and the children next year. I feel a huge relief now that this application and interview process is over. I am now going to rest knowing that God works all things out for His good.

They said that it would be about a week until they get back to me about their decision. Please continue to pray with me and for me!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Job Interview

I will be interviewing for a preschool position at Central Christian School on Tuesday the 22nd. The last year and a half Mandi has attended school there and has grown to love this school a lot.

At the end of this school year we found out that the little, private school that Jeff and Emma have attended for the last 3 years was closing down. This has left us to make a decision of where to place the kids for next year. Michael and I went out on a limb and enrolled all four of the children at Central Christian.

We got our financial aid packet the first of July and even though the package they offered to us is truly wonderful we still can't afford the payment if I stay at home. I learned of the preschool opening through the school's news letter and decided to go for it. I don't have any early childhood education or formal experience in a school setting but I have raised three children through the preschool years and Josh is in the mist of them.

The application process alone almost discouraged me from applying. It has been years since I have written that many short essays. They wanted to know my philosophy of christian education, classroom management and other thought provoking topics. Alas I finished it and turned it in.

Tuesday at 8:00 am they will interview me. I am not sure who I am up against but I feel great peace that God will open or shut the door knowing so very well what is best for my children and me.

I am asking you all to keeping me in your prayers during this time. Pray that I will be real but professional. That the words out of my mouth will truly reflect my beliefs, experiences and knowledge not just text book answers.

Thanks for your prayers and support. I will keep you all updated on how it went.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Food, Fellowship and Baptism!

What a beautiful and hot day we had for our church BBQ and Baptism! From my perspective all were enjoying the afternoon at the Larkin's property. Kids were swimming in the perfect pond and many were enjoying the rope swing. There was lots of yummy food and fellowship. The most exciting thing was all the people who made decisions to be Baptized. God is doing great things in the lives of people and it is great to be a part of a church that is so healthy.

Clear Lake

We spent a beautiful day at Clear Lake! You will notice that we are missing Emma! She is in Grants Pass for a week visiting Nana.

The lake is gorgeous and very cold. We didn't realize that the lake was so cold that you wouldn't be able to swim in it. We took a picnic lunch and rented a row boat for two hours. The price was right, only $10.00. It was fun to have our try at rowing. Michael eventually got the job of getting us where we needed to go. I just kept going in circles.

We ran into some geese that kept following us. They wanted food but all we had were grapes. Josh fed one of them a grape and it looked like it was going to get stuck in his neck. Right there in the middle of his neck was a big grape lump. Last thing we wanted was a dead duck! We watched it progress down his throat and all was fine.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the kids and basking in the sun at such a beautiful place. God's handiwork is just perfect!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on my mom

I have a quick update on my mom. She had a follow up appointment at OHSU this morning. I just got a call from her informing that the lymph node biopsy's came back negative. Praise the Lord!!!! She doesn't have to go through chemo or radiation. The doctor needs to do surgery again on her arm to remove extra tissue that has some cancer on it. This has yet to be scheduled.

Mandi is staying the week with my mom and dad in Aumsville. They are in Portland today school shopping. When they called they were at the super Goodwill looking for some great deals. I wish I was with them!! I am sure Mandi is teaching Mum (my mom) how to bargain hunt at Goodwill.

Thank you all for your prayers. It has meant a lot to me and my family.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

We went to the Redmond 4th of July parade. It was a beautiful, cool morning and we had lots of fun! We for once got there early so we could have a great seat. Nobody was there when we got there. We were a bit early but had no problem finding good seats. Michael went to Black Bear Diner and got us biscuits and gravy and a big jug of orange juice. All I needed was my coffee! Manda had fun watching some of her friends in the parade. Jeff loved the BMS riders and old cars. Joshy was thrilled to see fire engines and the Clydesdale horses. Then there is Emma, I think that she was there solely for the candy that was thrown to her. She came away with more candy than Halloween! The only candy Josh went away with was what was put in his bag by his brother and sisters. He is the most laid back kid I know. Pictured above are the kids watching the parade.

Tonight we will be going to the fairgrounds to see fireworks. We might even do some ourselves. We are going to meet up with some friends there and BBQ. I love this holiday and have some fond memories as a child of going to the Ashland parade and then playing in the creek and listening to some band stand music in Lithia Park. I love the patriotic music and was hoping to hear some in the parade but there wasn't a band. I think I will dig out my mickey patriotic CD that my friend Julie of Eugene gave me. I actually had the record when I was a child. My kids loved this CD. Songs like "Your a Grand O Flag" and "America the Beautiful" are a must on this holiday.

I hope all who are reading this are having a great 4th also. Take time to thank God for this wonderful country that we belong to. This actually reminds me of a paper I wrote in 5th grade of why I was proud to be an American. I actually found this in a scrapbook the other day. This paper reminded me and my kids of what a privilege it is to be an American.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mom is doing great!

Thank you for praying! I just got off the phone with my mom and she is doing great!

The surgery went well. They ended up taking 3 lymph nodes out of her armpit and will be doing a biopsy on each node to see if the cancer spread to them. In about a week they should have the results. The surgeon was able to sew up the incision without taking a skin graft from her hip.

It was good to her mom in such great spirits this morning. She was glad to be home. She hasn't had to take her pain meds yet because she hasn't been in that much pain. Knowing my mom, she will be picking weeds and washing the kitchen floor before the day is over. I instructed her to take it easy, especially now that they removed her nodes. It was 2 weeks after my surgery that I got lymphodema because I wasn't being as careful as I should and my arm got infected. I think she listen to me!!!

Next week Mandi gets to go spend several days with my mom and dad. She will get to go with mom to her follow up appointment in Portland at OHSU. This will be good therapy for both mom.

To all who have been praying, thank you. God is so good!

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