Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends,

Blogs are a great invention.... if you can keep them updated! I started my blog over a year and a half ago and found it a wonderful way to let family and friends keep up with our ever so busy life. The last several months I have put my blog aside. I suppose there are several factors for doing so, like having very little time to sit in front of the computer, but the main reason has been because of my chronic pain. I just can't sit more than a few minutes in front of the computer before it throws my neck and arm into severe pain. So I have had to let that part of my life go for now. There are plenty our "must do" tasks that I need to perform that don't help my pain situation.

As you may gather from my first paragraph, this year has been another difficult but growing year for me. I have spent 12 months trying to seek the help of doctors to help my ongoing pain problem. Thus far, nothing has been solved. God is growing me in tremendous ways. I am learning to live my life joyfully in spite of my affliction. I am not quite sure how he might use this, but I am confident that He will. To God be the Glory!!

We have now been in Redmond over four years. We love it here and feel so blessed that God has placed us in a wonderful church to minister in. Michael loves his job at Redmond Community Church and can't imagine being anywhere else. We have a wonderful group of musicians, vocalists and tech people who sacrificially give of their time and talent each week. These folks are so wonderful to work with and we feel we are getting to know them well as we minister with them.

I,Kristin,have been keeping very busy with my growing piano lessons business and childcare. God has blessed me with 15 piano students!! I teach two evenings a week and on Friday mornings. I am totally in love with teaching and especially enjoy each and every child that I have. They brighten up my day. I also have a few children that I watch during the day. This isn't full time but it is enough to bring in a little extra money. The children I watch are darling and keep me happy and busy throughout the day.

Amanda, a.k. Mandi, is turning 14 next month. She is truly becoming a young woman before our eyes. It's hard to believe that in a year she will be getting her Learner's Permit. Michael and I have had a lot of joy watching Mandi mature into a lovely teen who loves Jesus with all her heart. She is so sweet and gentle, giving and kind but also has a very spunky, fun loving side to her. I am sure it won't be long before the boys start calling. Oh my... Daddy get your gun!!

Just recently Mandi had a huge part in her school play. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She is so fun to watch and her spirit is so contagious. She really has a knack for drama. She also is very studious and is striving to get through her junior high years with straight A's. I never had that kind of drive at her age.

She still has her hopes set on Moody Bible College in Chicago, IL. She feels that God is leading her into full time missions when she gets older. She has a real passion and heart for Central America. This summer she really wants to go on a short term missions trip and has asked Michael and I to pray about it. To me it seems that she may be a tad bit young still to go away from home for that length of time. It's probably more me not wanting her to be away from us yet. I am pretty confident that her maturity level is there for such a trip. Our church does mission trip to Nicaragua and Argentina and I would love for her to start out on one of those trips with people that she knows from church.

Jeffrey is 11 and is getting taller every day. He is just a few inches away from my height. I am sure it won't be long before he will be looking me straight in the eyes. Jeff just got done with playing basketball for the 6th and 7th grade team at Central Christian. We attended almost every game and had a blast watching him improve over the season. He has a terrific side court shot and his height helps him get the rebounds.

Jeff is enjoying school to the fullest and really likes his 6th grade teacher who has been teaching some 30+ years. She has been so helpful in getting Jeff ready for Junior High. He is becoming more responsible and starting to learn good study habits.

Jeff is our fix-it man! He loves to fix things around the house. Michael loves this- except when he can't find his tools. I think Jeff will need his own tool kit soon!! He has also taken on the job of mowing the lawn. He does a wonderful job. He has the goal of starting his own mowing business this spring. He wants to make some extra money. Not to spend, but to save. Boy is he a saver. He still hasn't spent his b-day money from his May birthday. He is also a giver! I love that trait in him.

Jeff also loves playing his guitar. This year he has taught himself how to play. He regularly plays for chapel on Wednesdays at school. Michael was asked to lead the chapel music each week and has let some of the 6th grade boys join him with their guitars. It truly blesses my heart to see my son using his gifts for God.

Emma, she is almost 10 and full of life. She is has become a real mother's helper this year. I know that if I ask Emma to clean something that she will do it with all her heart and do it to perfection. Believe me... she didn't learn her organizational skills from me. She makes me want to be a more organized person. But that will never be! Every morning her room is perfect. It is the only room in the house that I will not shut the door on. She has learned that she can get money from her siblings by cleaning their rooms. This we had to put a stop to.

Emma's type A personality shines through at school. She received straight A's last quarter. This is the girl who had such a rough start because of her speech problem. I remember so vividly how we could not understand her at all when she was between the ages of 2-4. Her hard working personality has really helped her overcome that speech impediment.

Emmie starts basketball through the park and rec program in January. This will be her first year playing ball on a team. Of course, she plays with her siblings every chance she gets and is a feisty player. Watching her games will be a ton of fun!

Lastly, there is Joshua. Josh turns 6 two days after Christmas. I remember so well the Christmas I was pregnant with him. He is truly a blessing. I am so glad God had one more child for us. When all the other children are growing more independent day by day it is nice to still have little Joshy home half days and have him by my side.

Josh is in Kindergarten and loves it. He is known to say "Today was the best day ever". Every day ends up being his best! I love his zest for life. He loves hanging out with his big brother and copying all Jeff does. This sometimes isn't the best thing, but I have enjoyed watching their relationship grow. Jeff is an amazing big brother- so patient and includes him in most things that he does.

Josh also starts b-ball this January. He is so excited! He plays in our driveway almost everyday and won't quit until he makes a certain amount of baskets. Josh's strong trait is his persistence. He is also so easygoing. I guess that comes from being the fourth. Josh was baptized this summer by Michael and really loves Jesus. It gives me great joy to know that each one of my kids have made a decision to ask Jesus into their heart. Now it is my prayer daily that they will follow Him wholeheartedly.

This brings me to my wish for you this Christmas season- I pray that you will remember what Christmas is all about. Jesus, the King of Kings, chose to be born in a lowly manger; he lived a humble but perfect life and gave up his life so that you and I have the gift of eternal life. We who were once dead because of sin can now have life if we choose to put our faith in Him. This is the ultimate "free gift" and there is nothing we need to do for it except to simply receive it. I hope that if you are reading this today and you have not accepted by faith this gift that you will put your hope in God and give your life over to Him.

If you have a personal relationship with him then my pray for you is Duet. 10:12- “And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all His ways and to love Him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul."

May your year be filled with many blessings that God wants to give you as you surrender your lives wholly to Him.

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.


The Kuhlman Family

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Civil War

The 113th Civil War: Oregon State @ Oregon
When: 6 p.m., Dec. 3
Where: Autzen Stadium, Eugene

Beavers to watch

1 RB Jacquizz Rodgers: The sophomore was the big missing ingredient for Oregon State in last year's Civil War, when the Beavers could muster just 89 yards rushing. Oregon State is 5-1 this season when Rodgers rushes for at least 100 yards.

5 QB Sean Canfield: The senior, who will play in his first Civil War, is having a great season. He has completed 70.3 percent of his passes (260 of 370) for 2,797 yards, 19 touchdowns and six interceptions. His emergence is the main reason OSU leads the Pacific-10 Conference in passing yards (272.5 per game) and is second in total offense (422.2).

8 WR James Rodgers: If OSU makes a big play that swings the game's momentum, it will likely come from Rodgers. The junior leads the Pac-10 in receiving with 77 catches for 865 yards, is the Beavers' second-leading rusher (260 yards) and returns kickoffs and punts. In nine of OSU's 11 games this season, Rodgers has at least one play of 25 yards or longer.

54 DT Stephen Paea: The junior is the foundation of OSU's defense, a player so strong he commands double- and triple-teams. Despite the constant blocking attention, he leads OSU in sacks with three, and 5 1/2 tackles for loss.

The Amp Civil War is the colloquial name for the annual college football game in the U.S. state of Oregon between the Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks. First played in 1894, it is the seventh-oldest college football rivalry game in the United States.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to the Land of the Living

Our house was hit hard with the piggy flu this last week. Three kids including myself were housebound for eight days with the worst sickness we have had in years. I can't remember ever feeling this sick or having so many sick in one house at once.

Everyone is back to the land of the living. We are feeling tired but much better. There is so much makeup work to do and a lot of laundry, but ....anything is better than being in bed.

At times in my life I have imagined being sick and getting a break from everyday living to watch old movies, read deliciously good books, and sleep, sleep, sleep whenever I wanted. I had never had the flu that landed me in bed for seven days before. Now I know how horribly awful it is, and nothing sounds good. In fact, I am rejoicing that I felt well enough to get up and get going this morning!

I have to comment just how wonderful my hubby has been these last several days. He has kept my house running and my piano business going. He kept lots of water down our throats and made many bowls of chicken noodle soup. Took trips to the doctor, the store, and kept the house sanitized. THANK YOU HONEY!!!!!

I pray that everyone who reads this is staying healthy and doesn't get this horrible yuckiness. If you do get it... call me and I will bring you chicken noodle soup!! I remember when my friend Alisa brought us yummy homemade chicken noodle soup when we were sick in Eugene. Nothing compares to her noodle soup!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eat Yogurt!!


I have started a team on the Yoplait web site. The goal of this team is to collect as many pink lids as possible before Dec.31, 2009. You can join my team if you would like to help me collect lids. This is such an easy way to support those people in your lives that have either died of breast cancer, survived it, or are currently battleing breast cancer. I titled the team "Save the Ta Tas". Go to the website and sign up to join my team. I can't wait to see just how many pink lids we can get!!

For every pink lid you send in by December 31, 2009 Yoplait® will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, up to $1.5 million. And we guarantee a donation of at least $500,000. So grab your friends, coworkers, yoga class or neighbors and start getting involved today. Visit Yoplait's website
Rinse, bag, and mail lids to:

Save Lids to Save Lives©
P.O. Box 420704
El Paso, TX 88542-0704

Monday, October 12, 2009

According to the American Cancer Society, there are now about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States.

As breast cancer survivors go on with their lives, there are many changes they will face in the months and years after completing their treatment. Breast cancer survivors are faced with the possibility of the cancer coming back (recurrence), as well as an increased risk of developing a new breast cancer. Recurrence is possible, even if a woman has undergone a mastectomy, or breast removal.

The good news is, although there is no way to completely prevent a breast cancer recurrence, there are many ways for a woman to lower her risk. If you are a breast cancer survivor, the following five tips may help you keep breast cancer from returning.

1) Follow-up Care
Regular doctor appointments, exams and tests are essential in protecting against a breast cancer recurrence and in detecting a recurrence in its earliest stages. A careful examination is recommended every three to six months for the first three years after primary therapy, every 6 to 12 months for the next two years, and then annually.

Follow-up exams usually include an examination of the breasts, chest, neck, and underarm areas. Your doctor may conduct or order physical exams, blood tests or imaging studies. Be sure to tell your doctor about any swelling, tightness, or injury to the hand or arm, which could be a sign of lymphedema, a swelling of the arm caused by fluid build up, and a potential side effect of breast cancer. With care, this condition may be avoided or kept under control.

Regular doctor visits are also an opportunity to discuss any side effects, such as fatigue, or health problems. Symptoms may be an indication of cancer recurrence, and sharing them with your doctor will ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Or, symptoms may be indicative of another health problem or side effect from treatment.

2) Mammography Screening and Self-examination
Mammography screening, which is a simple x-ray scan of the breasts, remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. Although no medical tests are always 100 percent accurate, mammograms, as well as monthly breast self-examinations, are important steps to guard against recurrence. You can find more information about monthly breast self-exams by logging on to The American Cancer Society from your computer. You obtain free downloadable breast self-exam cards by visiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Web site.

Please note that monthly self-exams are not meant as a substitute for periodic exams by your doctor.

3) Continuing Treatment
Hormonal breast cancer treatment often includes tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors. Survivors who are being treated with these drugs should continue to take them regularly for the prescribed time. In clinical studies, tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors have been shown to lower the risk of a breast cancer recurrence and lower the risk of new breast cancers for certain women.

Tamoxifen can increase the risk of a certain type of uterine cancer, so those being treated with tamoxifen should have a pelvic exam every year and tell their doctor right away if there is abnormal vaginal bleeding. For those women taking an aromatase inhibitor, your doctor should also keep a close eye on your bone density as these medications may weaken bone structure.

4) Healthy Eating
Women recovering from breast cancer are encouraged to follow established guidelines for good health. Working with a doctor is the best way for survivors to develop a safe nutrition and exercise plan that matches their needs.

Breast cancer research has shown that obesity and weight gain can increase the risk of recurrence. They also raise the risk of other important disorders, such as heart disease and diabetes. An overall healthy diet - one that is low in fat and high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains - may protect against cancer.

5) Exercise
Regular exercise provides real benefits to breast cancer survivors. A recent study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, March 2007, showed that women with breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast may benefit from participating in a tailored yoga program that includes gentle yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

In addition to helping maintain a healthy weight, physical activity such as yoga can rebuild strength and energy while reducing stress. Exercise can also reduce symptoms of fatigue, nausea and pain. So, choose an activity that suits you and get active!

This article came from The National Breast Cancer Awareness site. There is a lot of great information on this site- take a look!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Rejoice in who who you are in Christ!!!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and we love you so much! We hope you had a wonderful day and can't wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend.

Lots of love,

Michael, Kristin, Mandi, Jeff, Emma, and Josh

Friday, October 2, 2009

Joshy Update

Here's an update on Joshy's infection-

A huge praise that the antibiotics are starting to work. His lump is going down in size. He is taking his "yucky" medicine like a man!!

Another praise is the doctor found another antibiotic that is similar in strength to clyndimyicin but it is generic and costs a lot less. We will be able to get a refund on the four bottles we haven't used yet and get the other antibiotic.

Thanks for all the prayers!

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (James 5:16 b)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please Pray for Josh

I want to make this real quick. This morning when I was dressing Joshy for school I noticed that he had a bump on his leg in the exact same location where his staff infection was a year and a half ago.

For those who don't know what happened back then-

Josh had a mysterious lump on his leg that grew in size very quickly. I mean it doubled, like to the size of a golf ball. We took him in and the doctor had blood test ordered to make sure that it wasn't lymphoma or anything and then prescribed antibiotics. I was at a our women's conference when I got the call that the blood test came back fine, but by the time I got home my baby (4) was running a high fever of 105, and the lump had grown even bigger and now was bright red. We took him in right away and the doctor that saw him emitted him right away to the hospital. The next morning he had surgery to remove the infection.

So- Here we are a year and a half later. The doc says that it is the same infection. She said that only 5% of patients get it a second time. Well, Josh is in the 5%. We are currently giving him strong antibiotics and watching him closely. This lump is very painful to him and he is a little worried that he will have to have surgery again. The doctor is thinking that we caught it in time but we are not in the clear yet.

Please pray that this (very expensive, but well worth it) antibiotic will do it's job and we will not have a repeat surgery. Pray that I will set my mind on God and not be anxious. I can handle myself dealing with sickness and pain, but when it's my child that a whole different thing. I am very weary of all the medical problems we have continuously had the last four years and desire rest from them. I do know that God is good and faithful. I hold on to those truths!!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fun Surprise!!

At 10 o'clock on Sunday morning I was sitting with the kids in our living room with pj's still on and very bad bed hair. We were having our very own church service. You see, I got absolutely no sleep the night before, and looked like death warmed over. I had no plans on attending Sunday service.

After I was done reading the passage of Scripture to the children and having a serious heart to heart with one of my kids over the meaning of that passage, Mandi suggested we get ready fast and try and make the service. All I have to say was I am so glad that second service starts as late as it does.

We walked in a few minutes late. For those who know me well, I hate to be late. I also hate to miss the worship time. Mandi and I took our usual seats in the front row and finished singing the song. Michael told us to greet one another and as I turned to greet, my mom and dad caught my eye!

They drove two hours from the Salem area to come to our church and to see us for the day, and I had no idea. What a beautiful and wonderful surprise. Earlier that morning, when I couldn't sleep I entertained the idea of piling the kids into the car and visit my parents for the day and even surprise them at their church. It was something I so badly wanted to do but knew that I would have a hard time doing with the amount of sleep I had that night.

We had a wonderful day with them and it was just what I needed to pick up my spirits.

No matter how old I get or how busy I get in life, I still need my parents. Whether it is talking to them on the phone and telling them all my pains and trials or reading about their day on face book, or seeing them only for a few hours on a Sunday- my day is instantly better!!

I pray that my kids will desire my presence and advice and love as much as I need my parents.

Thanks mom and dad for the fun surprise on Sunday!! It made my week so much better!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back To School!

Dear Family and Friends,

It's Tuesday, September 16th and school has begun.

Last Monday, Labor Day, after a fun and adventuresome drive on the Cascade Lakes Highway, I accepted a short term job to help out at the new Lone Pine Community School. This new school which is situated in the beautiful Lone Pine Valley is very special. I have spent the last few school days teaching a small group of kids who range from kindergarten- 2nd grade. To be exact, I have six kids which does not include Joshua who comes after kindergarten gets out at CCS.

I now have a wonderful picture of how school use to be. Basically, this two room school house is functioning like the schools use to at the turn of the century. I have great respect for the teachers who taught multiple grades. They must have had great classroom management.

Today while helping the first graders with their cursive, a second grade boy volunteered to help the kindergarten boy with his work. The scene was so precious. Even though the group is small, it is challenging to work with 3 different grades. These children are learning far more than just the 3 R's. They are learning to give of themselves, to work together, to show love to those who are younger than them. I have seen this scene over and over these last few days and see why such a school will become very desirable to families in the Lone Pine community and it's surrounding areas.

I am only teaching for two more days. I have become quite fond of these sweet kids and will have a difficult time leaving. I know that God has great plans for this community Christian school and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it if only for a few days.

Now for my children and their first few days of school-

All four children are attending CCS this year. I prayed all summer for God to make it clear what the plan was. I was open to all the options and at the final hour, a week before school began Michael and I had our answer. A great BIG thanks to the Grandparents and Auntie Nancy and Uncle Dave for contributing to our children's education. With their help, my job of teaching 1o piano students, and a couple babysitting jobs, we are able to sent the kids to the Christian School. I can't express how happy they were when they found out that they were going back. It has been a wonderful school for them.

Their first few days have been wonderful. They love their new teachers and are enthusiastic so far about the work they are doing.

Jeffrey proclaimed that he loves 6th grade!! I just can't believe he is actually in 6th grade. He has become very responsible lately. He has also discovered that he needs a shower every morning and deodorant is a must. I wonder when he will start liking girls?

Mandi is an eight grader. She is setting her goals high. She wants to run for president and is working hard so she can graduate from junior high with honors. Nothing is going to stop this girl from rising to the top. All I can say is, "way to go Mandi"!

Emma is becoming "little miss social". She is in the fourth grade and She loves to talk on the phone with her friends. I think she goes to school only to see her friends but does excellent in her studies. She is very organized and has her lunch packed for the next day before I remind her. It will be fun to see her blossom this year. So far there is very little girl drama in her class. It's refreshing to hear that the girls are all getting along.

Joshy is finally in kindergarten. My little caboose is now in school 5 days a week in the morning. His first day of school didn't happen. Since I was out at Lone Pine, Michael had the great responsibility to get the four kids to school. Josh didn't handle it so well. He was excited before hand but when it came time to go in his new room with his new teacher he got anxious. Michael didn't have the heart to leave Josh so upset and drove him out to Lone Pine to hand him over to me. So, of course Josh had a wonderful day- he was with his mommy!! I am happy to report that he made it to school the next day and loved it!! Now he is excited to go every morning.

Our family has had to be very organized these last couple of weeks in order for life to run smoothly. I can't say enough how wonderful my sweet hubby has been in helping me with dinners, laundry, dishes, car pool and much more so that I can work out at Lone Pine. I also want to give my kids some praise for all the little things that they have done to help out. I have so much respect for mothers who work and still manage the household. It takes everyone in the family to pitch in and do their job.

I have missed blogging and hope to have some time in the near future to post some great, fun pictures of the summer. I hope the first few weeks of school have gone smoothly for all of you. I think of and pray often for you all and the wonderful task God has given you as a mommy and wife and teacher to your kids. Be encouraged that you are truly a blessing to your household. Your love and devotion to your kids and husband is God honoring and He will bless you.

Serving God and our families together,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking A Break

It has been many moons since I have blogged. Summer life is much too busy for me to be on the computer. I guess you can say that I am boycotting it!

Quick update for those who may still look occasionally (ie. my mother).

Natalie, my niece, who had surgery a couple of weeks ago is doing great! It was a success and the doctor was so pleased with the outcome; better than he thought. She is full of energy and getting into mischief like normal. I have heard great stories of how funny and brave she was in the hospital. Of course she was loved by all!

At one point she took her I.V. tube and put it to her mouth like a micro phone and started singing "Holy, Holy, Holy". Michael was so proud! In no time at all she'll be on the worship team.

We took a short but sweet family vacation to Grants Pass. Played in Nana's pool a lot and kicked around our home town. It was fun to take the kids to our old houses. There were a lot of them. Time flies by fast! There are so many wonderful memories in that town.

Our favorite day was the four mile hike down the lower Rogue River to Rainy Falls. Boy was there a lot of poison oak! We ate lunch on the rocks and watch the fish jump the rapids. There were some large trout trying to get back up stream to spon. After a wonderful hike we headed to the Galice Store for ice cream. This cute little store/restaurant was where I spent my summer waitressing before I married Michael. I remember one Friday night he surprised me. He drove down from Portland and was sitting at one of my tables. It was Karaoke night and he lovingly sang, "Somewhere Out There". You know... the mouse song. Galice was also the place we had our rehearsal dinner. Again, great memories.

Monday, I had a job interview at an Elementary school in town. I heard today that they gave the job to someone else. I was a bit bummed, but feel at peace with the decision. I applied so I could try and keep the kids at the Christian school.

Even though I didn't get the job the kids are going back. We have a good portion of the monthly bill gifted to us by family. Thank you- the kids are so happy they are returning. God is also growing my piano business. He provides just what we need at the right time. Why do I ever worry?

I am excited for school to start and to get back into a daily schedule. I really need it in my life. Michael worked out my weekly schedule for me tonight. He is trying to get me organized so I can relax. I don't do schedules, but I might just do his. It looks good on paper. He has me exercising every morning at 6:00. We'll see about that. :) I have been complaining all month how I have no time to exercise. See what happens when you complain?

Actually, I have a friend who wants to lone me her gym membership while she tries something else out. It looks tempting and I am going to go check out the gym when she gets home from vacation. To be honest, I am a bit intimidated by the gym. Everyone looks so fit! Michael says that's because they go to the gym. Yeah, I know, but I am thinking I should get in shape before I go so I don't stand out like a sore thumb. HMMMM, I think I better just get over it and go. They have some pretty great classes but guess what... they are all in the early morning! I will have to become an early bird, not a night owl!

Well so much for just posting a cute little cartoon about taking a break from the computer. I guess I had more to say than I thought. Now my sweet hubby has fallen asleep without me. Time to tip toe upstairs and get in bed without a peep.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm taking a break from my blog? I'll be back when I have something to say.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer!! Make special memories with the kids. They grow up much too fast.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Redmond's Children's Theater Company

The children's Theater Company had their opening night tonight.

"The Emperor's New Clothes"

I am the proud mom of an actress and an actor who worked many hours along with 25+ kids ages 8-13. I knew that it would be very entertaining and quality, but it superseded all my expectations.

I can't say enough how GREAT this play is!

This is the first play that the Children's Theater Company has put on. They plan to do three productions a year, with the next one being "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". The children started rehearsing two days a week for 3 hours a day back in June, and boy did it pay off.

Mandy played the grandmother and did it wonderfully. Jeffrey had a smaller but important role as a towns person. They both have been keeping very busy with rehearsals which has helped with "summer boredom".

Tonight was family night and their Nana and Papa came to watch. Cliff, (Papa) has been in many plays and knows a good production when he sees one. This past the test with flying colors.

The set was beautifully done with added touches that helped make it look more 3D. The costumes were authentic looking, and the makeup looked professional. The acting was terrific and they even had audience participation which livened it up even more.
Emma, who didn't want to try out for the play ended up being on stage. She was picked to go up on stage to help with sound effects. She did her part well!

For those of you who live here, consider going to one of the next two plays. Tomorrow night, Saturday, it starts at 7:00pm and on Sunday it is at 2:30. It is $3.00 per person or $15.00 per family. It is very entertaining for both the young and old (and everyone in between). The kids are sure to love it!!

Josh said after it was over...

"That was the best!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hawaii Trip -Part 2

Ok- I am now ready to post the next part to our Hawaiian trip to Oahu.

If you missed Part 1 you can click here to read about our transportation there.

So it was around 1:00 in the afternoon when we arrived at the Ko'Olina Beach Resort. Yes, my wonderful navigation skills did get us there. Michael and I were pleasantly surprised to be at such a beautiful, family fun resort.

Michael had asked prior to getting there if they had an ocean room that might be available. He had mentioned that it was our 15th anniversary. I am sure they get a lot of that, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Actually, I am not the type to ask, so, I leave that all up to the hubby. I usually get embarrassed asking such questions, because I figure that the answer will be no. Michael, on the other hand, feels no shame in at least asking. usually pays off in some way.

So, the answer was no, but we will do our best to put you in a room that has a nice view.

Indeed, they did find a room that had a nice view. We ended up being on the fifth floor. I think there were 10 floors in all. If it wasn't an ocean view it was a mountain view or a view of the other buildings. We had two beautiful palm trees that shaded us from the sun and gave us privacy from the other buildings. But we were very excited to get a partail ocean view. If you sit just in the right place on the deck there it was!!! This picture is a close up of our partial ocean view. The one above shows the ocean view like we actually saw it (from the corner of the lanai).

The accommodations far exceeded our expectations! I could have lived in this mini apartment for the whole time. It was so sweet!! But, alas, we were in Hawaii and staying in would be a shame!!

It had a full kitchen, living room, bedroom and a his and hers "getting ready area" just in case I didn't want to be around my husband. Of course, that wasn't the case! But, it did come in handy. His space...always clean!!! Mine, is always a major mess. I know that Michael appreciated his own space and was glad that I had mine.

There was a shower bathroom and a tub bathroom. The tub space was mine. I actually never take baths. I don't like them much, but I dreamt that I liked them. Still, I didn't touch it! There was a window from the tub to the bedroom. It had shutters on it. Cute, don't you think. Really, I am not sure it has any other function except to make the man happy.

So, there you have it!!! A sneak peak into our lovely Hawaiian accommodations.

Part 3 of our trip will be about our first full day in Hawaii; our day trip to Hanaumu Bay and Waikiki Beach. Though I can't really guarantee when that will be posted. Summer, kids, housework, reviewing homeschool curriculum, babysitting, piano lessons, taxing kids around, (do you get the point?) is keeping me away from the blog.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Portland's Pushiest Pug

I saw the silliest thing on the news tonight; a pug named Jenny pushing an umbrella stroller around Portland. Apparently the owner of this pug made this video for their son who is away from home. They were hoping the video of his dog and familiar places of Portland would remind him of home. Over night this video has gotten lots and lots of hits.

The you tube video is below. Make sure you pause my play list. Sit back, relax and enjoy this video that is put to soothing music.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Keep Natalie in your prayers!

Here is a prayer request.

Many of you may remember reading about my dear sweet niece who was born premature with multiple heart problems. You can read Natalie's story on a previous blog.

Below is an email that my grandmother sent out to friends and family asking for prayer. I decided that what she wrote couldn't be said better and have decided to paste it into my blog. Kimmie and Jeremy (Natalie's mom and dad) recently have received word that Natalie needs to have this surgery soon. The surgery date is scheduled for August 18th up in Portland, Oregon. Thank you for praying for my sweet niece. I just know that God has great plans for this little girl and He does indeed hear all of our prayers.

Jeremy, Kimmie, Isabella and Natalie


We never cease to need the Lord, and to know that He answers prayers according to His will. I've enclosed a number of pictures of our little two year Natalie Borg. One was taken soon after she was born in March 2007.
She was a premature baby, who was ambulanced first from the Silverton Hospital where she was rushed at birth, then to the Salem Hospital, and soon to the Children's Hospital in Portland. It was there that she had two major heart surgeries and corrections within the first 2 weeks of her life. Other pictures were taken on her first birthday, as well as her 2nd birthday this year.

These pictures were taken around "tulip time" here in the Willamette Valley. She is a vivacious, smiling happy, little girl who will warm your heart when you meet her. Isabella is less than a year older, and they are very close as sister. Natalie greatly resembles Kimberly, her mother, with the light red hair. They are "look-alikes", and both were premature babies !

But we knew that eventually Natalie would have to have more heart surgery. It seems that such an occurrence could be soon. Natalie had her heart check-up this week by the cardiologist from Portland, and it appears to be quite enlarged, with the blood not flowing like it should. I am NOT medical, however, so I can't give you the particulars. Her heart is pumping blood much too hard. she plays hard, but tires easily. the doctors will be having a panel discussion about Natalie's case on Thursday, July 23. It will be decided soon after that, and appears fairly certain that she will have another heart surgery.

Please pray for her and for God's will in the decision. Thanks Always, Sue


Leave a comment if you are praying for Natalie. Kimmie and Jeremy will be so blessed to know that people are praying!!!

A little behind in blogging!

This summer is flying by way too fast!! My days are filled with child care, piano lessons, running the kids everywhere and much, much more. I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blog and all the posts that I need to post!

I wonder if I will ever get a chance to get our Hawaii trip documented. It now seems like a distant memory. Shucks!! I kinda wish I was there right now!

With the kids all home, one computer to six people isn't enough. Each child wants to do their own thing on the computer so I naturally don't get my computer time. With these busy summer days I just fall into bed exhausted. There is not much energy left to write, place pictures and all the other stuff that comes with blogging.

We just got back from my cousin's wedding on Whidbey Island in Washington. It was a very fast trip up to the Seattle area. We had the pleasure of visiting one of Michael's long time childhood friends and his family. It was nice to see family and celebrate this wedding, but the many hours in the car with tired, cranky children really wore me out. I am so glad to be home. Maybe I will find some time to post the beautiful pictures that were taken on this last trip and maybe I will finish another part to our Hawaii vacation.

For now- I have too much laundry and cleaning to do to stay on this computer any longer. I also have one of the kids begging to get on Webkins. I sort of wish this site did not exist! Emma could easily spend many hours playing with her pets on this site. Webkins is to Emma is like blogging is to Kristin!!!!

Stay cool in this HOT weather, and have a beautiful day!

In Him,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joshua is Baptized!!

This last Sunday, July 19th, Joshua was baptized by his daddy.

A few months ago, Joshua asked Jesus to come into his life. Even though he is still very young, I know that he understands that Jesus loves him so much and died on the cross for him and took his sins away so he could go to heaven someday. It is as simple as that! Josh has that simple faith of a child. He doesn't have to analyze everything or even have it all figured out in his head to make this important decision. He simply BELIEVES!!

Matthew 18:1-5 says-

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, verily I say unto you, except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever shall receive one such little child in my name receives me.

Joshua remembered his older siblings getting baptized a couple of years ago. He wanted to do the same. He totally understood why he was getting baptized. He wanted to show people that he loves Jesus and that he gave his life to Him. This blessed mine and Michael's heart greatly. It gives us great joy that all four of our children have a heart to follow Christ. They know that they belong to Him and want to live their life for Him.

So, on Sunday, Josh was baptized by Michael at our annual church baptism and picnic at the pond. Over 30 people were baptized. Many of them were family groups. It was a very exciting and emotional time. Both sets of grandparents came for the baptism.

It is truly a day that we will always remember and celebrate!!

In this picture Papa Kuhlman is talking to Josh about baptism!

Here are some other pictures of the day at the baptism and picnic.


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