Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to the Land of the Living

Our house was hit hard with the piggy flu this last week. Three kids including myself were housebound for eight days with the worst sickness we have had in years. I can't remember ever feeling this sick or having so many sick in one house at once.

Everyone is back to the land of the living. We are feeling tired but much better. There is so much makeup work to do and a lot of laundry, but ....anything is better than being in bed.

At times in my life I have imagined being sick and getting a break from everyday living to watch old movies, read deliciously good books, and sleep, sleep, sleep whenever I wanted. I had never had the flu that landed me in bed for seven days before. Now I know how horribly awful it is, and nothing sounds good. In fact, I am rejoicing that I felt well enough to get up and get going this morning!

I have to comment just how wonderful my hubby has been these last several days. He has kept my house running and my piano business going. He kept lots of water down our throats and made many bowls of chicken noodle soup. Took trips to the doctor, the store, and kept the house sanitized. THANK YOU HONEY!!!!!

I pray that everyone who reads this is staying healthy and doesn't get this horrible yuckiness. If you do get it... call me and I will bring you chicken noodle soup!! I remember when my friend Alisa brought us yummy homemade chicken noodle soup when we were sick in Eugene. Nothing compares to her noodle soup!!

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Cathy said...

Oh no!!! So sorry, Kristin! Glad everyone's on the mend and that now you're "immune".:)

Hope that besides the Swiney Hiney you all are doing good. Miss seeing your smiling face. Tell Michael "hi" for us!


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