Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking A Break

It has been many moons since I have blogged. Summer life is much too busy for me to be on the computer. I guess you can say that I am boycotting it!

Quick update for those who may still look occasionally (ie. my mother).

Natalie, my niece, who had surgery a couple of weeks ago is doing great! It was a success and the doctor was so pleased with the outcome; better than he thought. She is full of energy and getting into mischief like normal. I have heard great stories of how funny and brave she was in the hospital. Of course she was loved by all!

At one point she took her I.V. tube and put it to her mouth like a micro phone and started singing "Holy, Holy, Holy". Michael was so proud! In no time at all she'll be on the worship team.

We took a short but sweet family vacation to Grants Pass. Played in Nana's pool a lot and kicked around our home town. It was fun to take the kids to our old houses. There were a lot of them. Time flies by fast! There are so many wonderful memories in that town.

Our favorite day was the four mile hike down the lower Rogue River to Rainy Falls. Boy was there a lot of poison oak! We ate lunch on the rocks and watch the fish jump the rapids. There were some large trout trying to get back up stream to spon. After a wonderful hike we headed to the Galice Store for ice cream. This cute little store/restaurant was where I spent my summer waitressing before I married Michael. I remember one Friday night he surprised me. He drove down from Portland and was sitting at one of my tables. It was Karaoke night and he lovingly sang, "Somewhere Out There". You know... the mouse song. Galice was also the place we had our rehearsal dinner. Again, great memories.

Monday, I had a job interview at an Elementary school in town. I heard today that they gave the job to someone else. I was a bit bummed, but feel at peace with the decision. I applied so I could try and keep the kids at the Christian school.

Even though I didn't get the job the kids are going back. We have a good portion of the monthly bill gifted to us by family. Thank you- the kids are so happy they are returning. God is also growing my piano business. He provides just what we need at the right time. Why do I ever worry?

I am excited for school to start and to get back into a daily schedule. I really need it in my life. Michael worked out my weekly schedule for me tonight. He is trying to get me organized so I can relax. I don't do schedules, but I might just do his. It looks good on paper. He has me exercising every morning at 6:00. We'll see about that. :) I have been complaining all month how I have no time to exercise. See what happens when you complain?

Actually, I have a friend who wants to lone me her gym membership while she tries something else out. It looks tempting and I am going to go check out the gym when she gets home from vacation. To be honest, I am a bit intimidated by the gym. Everyone looks so fit! Michael says that's because they go to the gym. Yeah, I know, but I am thinking I should get in shape before I go so I don't stand out like a sore thumb. HMMMM, I think I better just get over it and go. They have some pretty great classes but guess what... they are all in the early morning! I will have to become an early bird, not a night owl!

Well so much for just posting a cute little cartoon about taking a break from the computer. I guess I had more to say than I thought. Now my sweet hubby has fallen asleep without me. Time to tip toe upstairs and get in bed without a peep.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm taking a break from my blog? I'll be back when I have something to say.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer!! Make special memories with the kids. They grow up much too fast.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Redmond's Children's Theater Company

The children's Theater Company had their opening night tonight.

"The Emperor's New Clothes"

I am the proud mom of an actress and an actor who worked many hours along with 25+ kids ages 8-13. I knew that it would be very entertaining and quality, but it superseded all my expectations.

I can't say enough how GREAT this play is!

This is the first play that the Children's Theater Company has put on. They plan to do three productions a year, with the next one being "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". The children started rehearsing two days a week for 3 hours a day back in June, and boy did it pay off.

Mandy played the grandmother and did it wonderfully. Jeffrey had a smaller but important role as a towns person. They both have been keeping very busy with rehearsals which has helped with "summer boredom".

Tonight was family night and their Nana and Papa came to watch. Cliff, (Papa) has been in many plays and knows a good production when he sees one. This past the test with flying colors.

The set was beautifully done with added touches that helped make it look more 3D. The costumes were authentic looking, and the makeup looked professional. The acting was terrific and they even had audience participation which livened it up even more.
Emma, who didn't want to try out for the play ended up being on stage. She was picked to go up on stage to help with sound effects. She did her part well!

For those of you who live here, consider going to one of the next two plays. Tomorrow night, Saturday, it starts at 7:00pm and on Sunday it is at 2:30. It is $3.00 per person or $15.00 per family. It is very entertaining for both the young and old (and everyone in between). The kids are sure to love it!!

Josh said after it was over...

"That was the best!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hawaii Trip -Part 2

Ok- I am now ready to post the next part to our Hawaiian trip to Oahu.

If you missed Part 1 you can click here to read about our transportation there.

So it was around 1:00 in the afternoon when we arrived at the Ko'Olina Beach Resort. Yes, my wonderful navigation skills did get us there. Michael and I were pleasantly surprised to be at such a beautiful, family fun resort.

Michael had asked prior to getting there if they had an ocean room that might be available. He had mentioned that it was our 15th anniversary. I am sure they get a lot of that, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Actually, I am not the type to ask, so, I leave that all up to the hubby. I usually get embarrassed asking such questions, because I figure that the answer will be no. Michael, on the other hand, feels no shame in at least asking. usually pays off in some way.

So, the answer was no, but we will do our best to put you in a room that has a nice view.

Indeed, they did find a room that had a nice view. We ended up being on the fifth floor. I think there were 10 floors in all. If it wasn't an ocean view it was a mountain view or a view of the other buildings. We had two beautiful palm trees that shaded us from the sun and gave us privacy from the other buildings. But we were very excited to get a partail ocean view. If you sit just in the right place on the deck there it was!!! This picture is a close up of our partial ocean view. The one above shows the ocean view like we actually saw it (from the corner of the lanai).

The accommodations far exceeded our expectations! I could have lived in this mini apartment for the whole time. It was so sweet!! But, alas, we were in Hawaii and staying in would be a shame!!

It had a full kitchen, living room, bedroom and a his and hers "getting ready area" just in case I didn't want to be around my husband. Of course, that wasn't the case! But, it did come in handy. His space...always clean!!! Mine, is always a major mess. I know that Michael appreciated his own space and was glad that I had mine.

There was a shower bathroom and a tub bathroom. The tub space was mine. I actually never take baths. I don't like them much, but I dreamt that I liked them. Still, I didn't touch it! There was a window from the tub to the bedroom. It had shutters on it. Cute, don't you think. Really, I am not sure it has any other function except to make the man happy.

So, there you have it!!! A sneak peak into our lovely Hawaiian accommodations.

Part 3 of our trip will be about our first full day in Hawaii; our day trip to Hanaumu Bay and Waikiki Beach. Though I can't really guarantee when that will be posted. Summer, kids, housework, reviewing homeschool curriculum, babysitting, piano lessons, taxing kids around, (do you get the point?) is keeping me away from the blog.

Have a great day,


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