Thursday, April 29, 2010

One busy month!!!

It's been well over a month since we moved and life has been so busy. I must say, probably the busiest it has been in a long time! Every time I want to take time to write on my blog I either get interrupted or I am so dead tired that I fall asleep while trying to figure out what to write

Here is a quick update on this last month!

The second to last week in March (spring break) we moved over everything we could do ourselves to our new house which is 2 miles west of the house we rented for nearly 3 years. That week Michael's parents came over to help us. They were planning on staying only a few days but the weather was nasty and they ended up staying longer than they had planned. I look at it this way... God knew that I needed them here! I don't think I would have been moved out and had the house cleaned by the 1st without their help. "Thank you Mom and Dad for all that you did with the move." Thanks also to all the people who showed up to move us over the Sunday before Easter. We had a crew of about 15 people. It only took one trip of about four pick up trucks and a couple trailers. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for those men and women who so loving served and blessed us.

The very next weekend was Easter!! Michael was so busy with Easter stuff and putting up new lights in the church auditorium. We were running crazy that week and literally paused to say good night when we finally hit the pillow at night. What a blessing it was Easter Sunday evening for Michael and I to take off to Sisters for a two night getaway (thanks to RCC). For the first time we connected and relaxed in a long time. While in Sisters Michael and I got a couple's massage!! It was our first massage ever! It was Heaven on Earth!!

While we were relaxing in Sisters, Mom and Dad K. kept our kids and watched over the animals. They were stationed out at Eagle Crest for the week. The kids had the joy of hanging out there- riding their bikes, swimming, taking long walks and eating quite well. At our house we had a friend working on our kitchen. We decided that we would remodel our kitchen with some of the money we got back from buying the house (tax credit). We hired our friend Greg to do the tiling. What a beautiful job he did. Sometimes I just stop and stare at my kitchen because I love it so much! (Thanks Greg for doing a beautiful job on my kitchen. It was well worth it!)

The next weekend was the Women's Mini Conference at RCC. My job was to put together the worship for it. I had three other talented vocalist helping me with it. I also had the help of my husband. He spent so much time teaching me how he puts a worship package together so that it flows. I have an even greater appreciation for what he does week in and week out with the worship. With our busy schedule We didn't get to practice as much as we would have liked but God is good and it all came together. The end result... 60 women worshiping our Awesome God!

Tuesday morning the 20th I woke up in a panic. I had forgotten in all my business to call my sweet niece and wish her a happy 4th birthday. So on a whim, I decided to drive over the mountain and spend the day with my nieces. This also meant seeing my sister and parents!! I rarely have a free schedule during the day but the child I care for was gone and I didn't have any piano lessons so I left for the day!! What a wonderful, quiet, drive over and back and a perfect day visiting my family. Thanks you wonderful hubby for taking care of the little details so I could go.

My mom and dad came over to see the house for the first time last weekend. They got to see Josh play soccer and make 3 goals. They also got to peer into our very busy life. I know that it tired them out. Our house is always hopping and the noise level is usually at one volume- LOUD! Sometimes the noise gets to me but it didn't seem to bother my mom much. She says she just toons it out! Maybe that's the grandma in her. The mom in me feels the kids need to settle down a lot more. This helps me look forward to being a grandma someday... but not any time soon!

Last Sunday I had my piano recital. My 14 students played 2 songs each. They did beautifully. I just love teaching and am so grateful for each and every student. With all their parents, siblings, extended relatives and friends- we had about 65 people there. The kids were beaming so brightly. I am so proud of them!

This week my body has finally let down. I got sick on Monday and have been feeling very yucky ever since. It's just a bad cold, but more than anything I am just dead tired. I am so tired that I just can't sleep at night. I know... this doesn't really make much sense. One by one the rest of the family has been getting it. Jeff stayed home two days from school. Emma and Josh are hacking and Michael is starting to get it. It is a good thing that life is finally starting to slow down.

I have two more busy weekends ahead of me. May 1st- is the Women's Tea that I was hoping to sing at with the ladies from the Women's Conference. I can barely sing today so who knows how I'll be by Saturday. Then next weekend is a youth conference call "Do Hard Things" put on by the youth of our community. Mandi and I have been involved with helping put this on for the last couple of months. Michael is putting together a youth worship team for that conference, Mandi is in charge of the prayer team and I will be helping wherever needed.

So this is what you get when I don't blog for over a month... A huge, long play by play! I hope this makes you happy mom! My mother is so faithful in checking to see if I have written. I hope I don't wait another month to blog, but with four kids and a husband needing one computer I rarely get my turn anymore. What I want for my birthday and mother's day combined is my very own laptop!! I have asked for a couple years now but I think it is at the bottom of the list of things I really need. Maybe....someday!

Have a wonderful week and make sure you tell God and your family just how grateful you are for them!!

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