Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere!!!

As moving day approaches I am getting much more ambitious about packing. There is so much stuff in this house! I have already made three trips to Goodwill and I see many more in my future. The funny thing is- we had a pretty big garage sale last summer and got rid of lots of stuff that way. Where in the world does it all come from?

We are playing the waiting game now. Wednesday was suppose to be our closing date but things got hung up on the FDA loan and we had to get an extension. Now our hope is for the house to close on Monday and get the keys a few days after that so we can move over spring break.

We are getting very excited over here. The kids are pulling their weight in the packing process. It is very nice to have them older and very capable to help. Yesterday Jeff taped many boxes for me. He ran them up to me when I needed them and carried them when they were done. What a strong, strapping young man!! Emma's room (of course) was the first to be packed! Her natural organization skills must help her pack fast. My room on the other hand... well let's just say that I need Emma to help me! At least now I can see my floor. We are still waiting to see Mandi's floor. The first thing she packed up was her bed. I guess that was so she could clean out the stuff under it better.

There is much to do still but I know that it WILL get done eventually! For now, I am taking a rest and going to church. I would rather do that than pack anyway!

Have a wondeful Sunday!

This will be us in a few days!!


Amanda Perko said...

I've been thinking of you and keep driving up and down your new street to try and figure which house is yours. I was thinking that this is the week for you...I hope you get it all settled quickly and can get moved in over the week, but we know God's timing is perfect...I was thinking of how many other houses you'd looked at and that THIS is the right home for you (the one with the perks. :) I'm so happy for you!! Let's chat soon..

Marilyn Bowdoin said...

Hi Mike & Kristin & Kids!
I love reading your blog, Kristin! How exciting to be moving (I can't see from where to where but it sounds exciting!)and the fun of your family project of working together! I love the car pic of things piled high! How funny! God bless you all from Terell & Marilyn & New Hope.

runninggal said...

I love you Kristin!! Sorry I talk so fast and furiously when I see you. I just miss you!! And then I see you and get so excited to catch up!

So glad you live here permanently now!! God is good!


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