Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knit 1, Purl 2!!

I wasn't sure what to say when my 11 year son came to me at Christmas break and told me he wanted to learn how to knit. I kind of chuckled inside but would never do that out loud so he would hear. Honestly, I have never seen a boy or man knit. That doesn't mean they don't, just haven't seen it. I told him that the best place to learn how to knit was at Mum's house ( my mom). She knits! I don't!

So...when we got to Mum's house, the first thing Jeff asked her was to teach him how to knit. His goal- to knit me a scarf by the time break was over.

Off to Michael's Craft Store we went to find some choice yarn and knitting needles. It's more expensive than I thought. I was thinking that I could buy myself a pretty little scarf for the same price. Jeff picked out a pretty brown, soft yarn. From that time on he has been busy knitting!

Two days into vacation I was so surprised to see that my son was sticking to it. Calm, peaceful are the words I think of to describe this kids when he knits. Which is almost amazing since I don't usually choose such words for him. (This is the kids who I had doctors telling me that he might have ADD and wanted to give him drugs.) At one point Jeff noticed this in himself and proclaimed that he found his inner peace. (Don't read too much into that comment. Jeff knows that Jesus is truly his inner peace.)

So for five days straight anytime I saw Jeff, he was knitting. I had to force the kid to do something else. Like, take a shower!! Eat! Sleep! There was no fighting with him and his siblings. And most of all...he wasn't bored.

I think he started the scarf over several times. With my mother's help Jeff learned how to cast on, purl, knit and cast off. She was so patient with him. It was definitely great bonding time for Mum and grandson.

At one point he asked me and Mum if it was weird that he was knitting. "Not at all" was her reply. "I've heard of football players who knit." That was all Jeff needed to hear to make it ok.

Now Jeff is dreaming of all the stuff he could knit for people. So... get in line if you want a scarf. He thinks he can make a business out of this. Or at least make them for gifts. I told him that might get a bit expensive. So he is working on his knitting skills, to get good enough to sell them.

My scarf is almost done. He worked all day yesterday to try and finish it. At the last moment something went wrong. The sad thing is that I can't help him. Where's my mom? She needs to live closer so he can seek her help. Any knitters close by who can help this boy? I'm afraid there won't be any peace for me until this scarf is done!

Jeff's famous knitting words:

"Don't mess with me, I'm purling."

"you better watch out or I'll purl you."

This was in the car ride home from Salem. I think Josh was starting to bug Jeff and this was his reply! We laughed and laughed.

Happy knitting Jeff!


Alisa Johnston said...

Mary says, "Good job, Jeff!!"

Cathy said...

LOVE IT, Kristin!!

I just heard of a guy friend of Dani's (who lives with us) knitting his girl friend a scarf and the term "purl" was definitely used.:)


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