Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pox or no Pox? That is the question.

Night before last Mandi screams down the stairs that Emma has chickenpox. "I seriously don't believe so," I said. Until I looked at all the red bumps with a little white center that dotted Emma's shoulder, leg and chest. So... I kept Emma home from school yesterday. She spent the entire day playing Wii and didn't act sick one bit.

Now a day later nothing has changed. No new bumps and they don't even itch. Maybe they aren't pox. Maybe she's just the victim of bed bugs. EWWW!!! I can't even think of such yucky things. So I have stripped the sheets and washed twice her bedding in hot water in hopes to kill any nasty critters that might have lurked in her bed. I have also called the clinic because I don't think a perfectly healthy child should be home playing the wii all day long.

I know what your thinking... I think?.... Give that girl something else to do. Well, I have tried. I have bribed her to read a book. $5.00 is the price I am willing to pay her to read a book. She hates to read with a passion. Why, I really don't know. I love to get lost in a book and I can't really comprehend that someone may not enjoy that. She did do three other things yesterday besides sit in front of Mario Bros. wii game. One, she sharpened 25 pencils. Two, she made my bed. Yes sirree my bed was made for the first time in who knows how long. I thought Michael did it but seriously it looked too neatly made to be the work of my husband. I found out later that it was Emma. Third, she read Joshua three books, and helped him with his reading homework. I guess she doesn't mind reading out loud to her brother.

This morning it is back to the wii, but for a time limit. I have to leave her to go get Josh from Kindergarten and I am hiding the game and giving her another job to do. How about cleaning my room! If she is going to be home and act healthy at least my house can get clean.

We should know by tonight what those awful bumps are, hopefully. She has ski day with her school on Friday and doesn't want to miss it.

Pray that this isn't chickenpox so she can go back to school tomorrow!

I am signing off to go play wii with Emma before picking up Josh.

It's kind of addicting.

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Jenny said...

So, she has NO other symptoms? Chicken Pox is usually preceded with fever, among other things. I can't wait to hear the exciting conclusion. Does she have them...?


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