Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Selah- "You Deliver Me"

One of my favorite Christian groups is Selah. Over the last several years I have enjoyed their music and have been very blessed by it. It was their album "Hiding Place" that ministered to me the most during my bout with breast cancer. When I felt discouraged I would put this cd on and instantly my heart would be at peace with the songs of hope and deliverance that they sang.

Over a year ago, Todd Smith, one of the singers in this group dealt with his own trial. He and his wife lost their baby girl. I was introduced to Angie's blog and followed her journey through this painful time in their life. Like her husbands music, her blog ministered to me.

Today, thousands of people view her blog. She is pregnant again and is sharing the joys of her pregnancy with others, along with the pain that still lingers over the loss of a child. Their testimony of God's faithfulness and the joy that has come through this circumstance is beautiful and a great encouragement.

I have known for a while that Selah has a new album out called, "You Deliver Me". It came out in August. I have been wanting it for several months and finally downloaded it to my i pod last night. It is wonderful!! I can't stop listening to the songs. It is a mixture of well loved hymns and songs that bring comfort and encouragement,and musically it is powerful, with a mixture of vocals, piano and strings. There is also a song dedicated to their daughter, Audrey. It is beautiful.

If you have time take a listen to some their music. You can find them at www.selahonline.com

An interview with Todd Smith

You Deliver Me- Selah

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