Friday, February 5, 2010

OSU Family Picture

We did it!! We finally got our family picture done in the orange and black theme!! I have been wanting to do this for years but haven't.

One day in Freddy's I signed up for a studio portrait session. I was hoping to have a nice formal picture done of the family, but when the time came to get the picture I didn't feel like getting it done because we all needed haircuts and I didn't feel up to anything formal. So, I was about to cancel when I thought of the idea to do it in an OSU theme. Might as well get it done because I had already paid for the session which only amounted to $15.oo, and from that we would get a free 10x13.

Today I went to pick up the free picture and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. We all looked pretty decent all things concerned!!


Jenny said...

This is a GREAT picture of EACH of you!!!!

Karyn said...

That turned out sooooo good!
I miss you friend. Let's catch up soon!!!

Amanda Perko said...

This new look is fabulous Kristin! I like it. I guess when I changed my template I lost your blog on my blog roll so I haven't been over in awhile. Great job!!

runninggal said...

Where is your player??? I love your music! There is a song on it that I haven't heard before and I loved it but can't remember anything about it other than I loved it and it made me feel happy! But your player has gone MIA!!

Sandra said...

That's a beautiful family picture. (I stumbled across your blog) I was happy to read you are a cancer survivor. That's wonderful..


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