Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 1990

Here are some very dated pictures of Michael and I on our very first Valentine's Day, nineteen years ago. I was only 16 years old and as you can see was sporting the very BIG bangs of the early 90's. Gotta love my black and white outfit too. I just laugh when I look at these pictures of us. We are so young!

I kind of remember this first Valentine's Day. Michael blind folded me and took me to this very small park in Grants Pass. I think it is called Ogel Park. It had this sweet little foot bridge that Michael carried me over. When he took off the blind fold, the picnic table in that park was all decorated and we enjoyed a very sweet, romantic dinner for two. That's all I remember. I am so glad that we have pictures to remind us of the those wonderful, romantic dates we had before the kids came.

This is actually the first Valentine's Day in a long time that Michael and I will be celebrating by going out. Up till now we have had four little kids who kept us from going out. Over the years we have not really done the babysitting thing do to the extreme cost it was for four kids. Tonight, we are going out and the kid are covered. We finally have our very own private babysitter. I think she would rather work for other kids than her siblings, but she willingly agreed to give us a night out.

To all of those who still have young kids and are staying in for Valentine's Day- enjoy every moment and believe me the years go by way too fast and the kids grow up before your eyes. Before you know it those very sweet, romantic date nights will be back.

I just hope the kids don't kill each other. That's why we are staying close to home. Sully's is close enough in case there is an emergency. Not that Mandi couldn't handle it. We all know from Joshy's accident that she is fully capable of handling an emergency.


runninggal said...

Who was the designated photographer? :)

runninggal said...

hint hint - you have mail (in your email!)


threemainboys said...

From '90 to '09. Aqua Net to Flat Irons. Wow. I love the bangs.


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